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How to Buy….

I’m doing some housekeeping and fine tuning the ways for someone to purchase my artwork. Up until now I had everything available through my Etsy site. I’ve now divided my work into several different sites, hopefully, making the buying experience a positive one.

1. Etsy – Bob Bruu Wood Art Productions – All of my wood sculptures will be for sale on this Etsy Site. This is a collection of works, that requires time and effort to complete, so please be patient as the collection grows. Here I hope to make the viewer second guess their eyes and emote feelings for a fairly common object, just a little differently. Credit Cards are accepted.

2. Fine Art America – Bob Bruu – Here you will find my original Drawings and Paintings for sale, along with Fine Art America’s terrific selection of Prints available for purchase. FAA offers a wide range of print sizes and materials to choose from, all at a very reasonable price. If the original is still available for purchase, it will be noted on the site.

3. Facebook – Bob Bruu Art Productions – If you’re on FB, please check out my fan page, here you will find a Shop tab, where you’ll be able to purchase through Fine Art America.

You can also find me on Twitter and Behance.

I know there’s so many talented people out there, with an incredible selection of works to choose from. Whether you choose my work or another talented artists, it’s an amazing gift to support an artist.


Bob’s Garage – Completed

Finally wrapped up “Bob’s Garage” after completing the painting phase. I’m very happy with the outcome and look forward to making more. I’ve carved ducks and birds previously, this was my first foray into something other than a traditional bird carving. I’m excited about the possibilities, on deck is a cycling cap.

This wood sculpture will be available on my Etsy site for sale.IMG_1434 IMG_1435 IMG_1437 IMG_1438 IMG_1439

Old Ball Cap is now “Bob’s Garage”

After 36 hours of carving time, I have my first completed wooden sculpture of a baseball hat. Well…almost complete. The carving portion is done, now moving into the painting phase. I’ll be using paints/stains I haven’t used before so this should be interesting. Very happy with the outcome so far, love to get your feedback.

IMG_1423 IMG_1424 IMG_1425 IMG_1426 IMG_1427 IMG_1428 IMG_1429 IMG_1431

Old Ball Cap – Progress…

Spent several hours today making some progress on my Old Ball Cap wood carving. Moved into the really fun phase of sanding the body of the hat. It’s really important to get the surface as smooth as possible, as paint will highlight any imperfections. I also started the detail in the back of the hat, cutting out the back strap area (the hat will be able to be displayed hanging on the wall this way as well), carving out the button and getting the small vent holes drilled. After more hours of sanding to come, I can start the detailing of the stitching and then start the painting phase.

I’m pleased with the progress so far.

The inspiration of this carving is the incredible work of Fraser Smith’s. I saw his work at a gallery during a recent visit to Aspen, CO. He creates amazing wood sculptures of hats, quilts and clothing.

IMG_1410 IMG_1412



Personal Best (PB) Replicas

Created a new twist for anyone looking to display their race worn racing bibs. It’s a one-of-a kind, hand carved replica of the bib, made to look like it did after you crossed the finish line. Something unique for the runner, cyclist or triathlete.

Worn Racing Bib from a Mud Run

Worn Racing Bib from a Mud Run

5K Racing Bib

5K Racing Bib

PB Replica Display - ability to show multiple bibs at once

PB Replica Display – ability to show multiple bibs at once

Another PB Replica Display option, rustic look and feel

Another PB Replica Display option, rustic look and feel

These Bibs are custom made and can be ordered at my Etsy Store –

Old Ball Cap

First attempt at carving a baseball hat from wood. The hat’s shape is just about there, now comes the details.

IMG_1385 IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1388

The Chase – Bike Locker Poster Update

I received advance copy of the poster being installed in the city of Colorado Springs this week. This is something I’ve not experienced before and is a very cool honor. Looking to see these in person soon.   Bike Locker Sign 1_min   Prints of The Chase can be purchased on my Etsy site at –

You will find the original acrylic painting on this site as well.

Keep pedaling.

Colorado Springs Bike Locker/Share Opportunity

Was recently chosen to have an image of my artwork installed as a 3′ x 5′ poster on Bike Lockers throughout the City of Colorado Springs as part of their Bike Share Program. A tremendous honor to have my work affiliated with such a great program and city.


Calm Before the Storm – New Art

Here’s a 12 x 24 original piece completed with acrylics. This was inspired by seeing the start of the Bike the Bricks race held annually in downtown McKinney, TX. The body language and the way the racers are looking over their competition really gives this piece a unique look. There’s a sense of calmness before the start of the race. If you are interested in purchasing the original or prints please visit my Etsy Shop at

Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

Downtown Ride

This recently completed project is something new for me. It’s the combination of a couple of elements to create a 3-Dimensional piece that is waiting to hear if it’s been accepted into a show in Plano, TX. Using an 8 x 10 Gessoed Panel with 2″ a frame, I wanted to depict an alleyway in downtown McKinney, TX. By applying lots of color to the exposed brick, along with streaks of shade striping the wall, I wanted to capture the viewers eye and create a lot of interest. Leaning on the wall is a hand carved bicycle, made of basswood. Notice how the shadows come thru on the bike as well. The last element is a platform that surrounds the base of the panel, painted to look like pavement, allowing the bike to have a resting place. One of several concept ideas that will have this combination of panel and wood carving.


Downtown Ride

Downtown Ride

Downtown Ride

Downtown Ride

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